How To Prevent Car Lockouts

ery few situations are more frustrating than a car lockout. One moment you are in your car, and the next, you are stuck outside. The setbacks posed by a car lockout can cost you very valuable time and even money in some cases. In this article, discover what can cause car lockouts and how to prevent such an unfortunate situation from occurring. 

What is a car lockout? 

A car lockout is a situation where you cannot gain access to your car. Such a situation could be due to several reasons, such as misplaced or broken keys, a faulty fob/transponder, or even locking your keys in the car. Lockouts can be very annoying and frustrating to deal with. 

How does a car lockout occur?

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It can be very frustrating when you cannot open your car because you have been locked out. Lockouts can even ruin your day. To prevent future car lockouts, you need to know how one can get locked out of their car. 

Here are a few common mishaps that can result in car lockouts. 

1. Misplacing your keys

Let’s face it, at one time or the other; you’ve had to look for your keys. It can be annoying and time-consuming to forget where you’ve kept your keys, especially when you need to be somewhere quick. 

Whether you’ve left it at the office or somewhere at home, it is quite disheartening to realize that you don’t know where your keys are. Lost keys are one of the most common reasons for car lockouts. Even though it might be difficult, the best solution is to stay calm and try to remember where you have dropped your keys. 

2. Broken keys

Being in a rush is never a good thing. Imagine a scenario where you have to hurry somewhere because you’re meeting someone and try to unlock your vehicle as quickly as possible. In the process of fiddling with your key, you break it even though there are three other doors from which you can gain access; the only key you have is broken, resulting in the very dreaded car lockout. 

3. Faulty fob or transponder

Your  transponder or fob can also be broken or faulty. Most times, the reason for this is dead batteries which can easily be replaced. However, other times the solution might not be bad batteries. A programming defect or the computer chip inside the keys can be responsible for faulty transponders or fobs. You need to contact an experienced auto locksmith to help replace or reprogram your key fob in such a situation. 

4. Locking your keys in the car

Locking your keys in your car can be super annoying. You can see the key right in front of you, but you can’t touch it. You might have quickly stepped out to grab something and completely forgotten that your keys are in the ignition and the vehicle is still running. Muscle memory is usually the culprit here. You forget that your keys are in the ignition, and you go ahead to lock your car manually. 

How Do You Prevent Car Lockouts?

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Anybody can be locked out of their car, and even though it is hard, you need to remember to stay calm. Panicking or getting frustrated or angry, unfortunately, cannot get you out of your fix. Here are a few tips to prevent car lockouts, so you do not fall victim to them:

1. Double-Check your keys

Make sure you always check your keys when you are getting in or out of your vehicle. Try not to keep your keys in random places. You can get a key holder to attach to your clothes or just keep your keys in a particular place. 

If you primarily use an electronic fob, try manually unlocking your doors to ensure the keys work correctly. If your key fob stops functioning, you need to know that you can rely on your car key to get you in and out of your car. 

2. Get spare keys

A spare key can save you a lot of time and spare you the frustration of having to figure out how to get back in your car. If you cannot find your key, you can simply let yourself in with the spare. It is a cheaper, more efficient way to function. Ensure that you make the spare before you need it, so you save yourself the stress of having to figure it out when you are locked out. 

3. Do not leave your engine running

You might want to quickly dash into your favorite store for some treats or pop out of your car for a few seconds to say hello to an old friend. That’s all it takes for you to find yourself out of your car with no hope of getting back in. avoid leaving your engine running. If you have to be out of your vehicle, you should probably turn off the engine and take the key out of the ignition. 

4. Leave a window down

If you have one of those garages that need to be opened and closed manually, you may not have the time to turn your engine off and on. A little trick I use is leaving the driver’s window down. You can easily reach into the car and grab your keys from the ignition if you accidentally lock yourself out. However, you must be security conscious and avoid doing this in crowded places, so your car doesn’t get snatched. 

What to do When You Experience a Car ockout

It can be challenging to remain calm and level-headed during a car lockout. Here are a few steps you can take if you happen to experience a car lockout:

1.  Remain calm

The first thing you need to remember when experiencing a car lockout is to remain calm. Staying calm will help you think faster and help you figure out what to do to get yourself out of your current predicament. Even though your first instinct is to panic, especially when you have somewhere to be, taking the time to relax and find a solution is a much better option. 

2.  Try troubleshooting your locks

No matter the reason for your car lockout situation, you might be able to find a way much easier than you’d think. Begin by checking all the doors. If you have locked your key in the car, there is a chance that one of your doors is not closed correctly. Try getting in through every door and even check the windows. Once you get it, ensure that you fix the malfunctioning lock to prevent your car from  break-ins

If you have your keys, but your door lock won’t open or is malfunctioning, try unlocking the other car doors. You can even try unlocking the trunk of your car so you can get in through there. Remember to test your physical key if your remote is unable to open your doors.  

3.  Retrace your steps

If the reason for your car lockout is missing keys, you should try retracing your steps. What were you doing when you saw your keys last? What clothes were you wearing? Simply trying to figure out where you’ve been might be a lot more helpful than you imagine. Most times, you might find your keys sitting pretty on your dresser or even on the roof of your car!

4.  Contact a friend

Even though it doesn’t seem like a full-blown emergency, being locked out of your car can put one in a very vulnerable position. Most times, you have to seek help from strangers on the road, which is potentially risky. It is always best to let the people in your life know the situation you are in.

5.  Call a professional 

When all seems to fail, your best bet is to contact a professional. A car locksmith will be able to open your door safely, fix any broken locks or keys and even provide you with  new keys if yours are broken or missing.

Your goal should be to gain access into your locked car as safely as possible. You do not want to harm yourself, or others so avoid making rash decisions such as breaking your windows.


When dealing with a car lockout situation, you want a reliable locksmith who can get you out of the fix quickly.

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